Tired of the same dinner parties? The same idle chatter? 

Love to laugh, but don’t want to go out to a show?

Bring the entertainment to you in the comfort of your own home!


About Drawing Room Entertainment

Drawing Room Entertainment curates high quality stand-up comedy shows in people’s living spaces. The one hour show features several comedians who are specifically selected by host and Drawing Room Entertainment founder Michelle Slonim, to best suit the guests’ tastes.

“Drawing Room” is a 16th century term for the separate room where you would withdraw to after dinner for activities such as cigars, discussion, and live entertainment.

Michelle explains the origins of Drawing Room Entertainment

Growing up in Manhattan I loved going to house parties. I could see how my classmates lived, check out their interesting homes, and see what snacks they offered guests. This was way more interesting than using my fake ID to get into bars. Flash forward to adulthood: I’m a standup comedian, wish I still needed a fake ID, and still prefer house parties to traditional New York City nightlife.

The seed for Drawing Room Entertainment was planted when a friend of mine was hosting a jammin’ music birthday party in his home.  I asked if we could incorporate a comedy show into the evening. And we did! The band took a break and my friend’s stairwell transformed into a stage and the comedy show began. People loved the intimacy of it, and after the semi-impromptu show, a few people came up to me and asked if I could put together a similar show in their home.

Michelle Slonim, Founder



“Private comedy show at my own place? Sign me up! I went to a party hosted by Michelle and it really livened up the event. Great quality comedians. Would highly recommend.” – Zach Lainer

“You were so funny and my friends enjoyed the way you were the glue holding it all together. I’m picturing you saying ‘did he just call me glue?’ You were just great!” – David Tornabene

“Michelle and the gang had my friends rolling on the floor… rock on with your own bad self.” – Howard Olah-Reiken


Frequently Asked Questions

 Wait, How does it work?

Michelle Slonim will  MC the show, bringing an amp and microphone. There will be three additional comics and voila we will put on a private 60 minute standup comedy show in your drawing room. In total it’s four entertainers, you, your guests and whatever food and beverages you provide.

How Much Does It Cost?

Shows in New York City start at $500. Outside of the city (NJ, CT etc..) the shows start at $750. The price increases depending upon day of the week (weekend v. weekday) , & desired comedians (see next paragraph). There is also a discount if you decide you want to make it a series ie: 3 shows per year (we book different comedians each show, except for your MC (yes Michelle  Slonim sticks around).

Can You Give Me the Old Up-Sell?

All comedian are working, high quality comedians. If you would like a “premium comedian” meaning a comedian who has appeared on popular TV shows such as The Tonight Show, The Colbert Show, Conan, etc… they start at an additional $250 each.

When Do I Pay?

A 50% non refundable deposit will be given upon contract signing and the remaining 50% is to be given five business days before the show. Typically payment is given via check, Chase Quickpay, Paypal or Venmo. Credit Card payment has an additional 4% processing fee.

Do I Tip The Comedians after the performance?

Always appreciated.

Will The Comedians Stay For The Rest Of The Party?

Not unless specific arrangements are requested.

Do I Have To Provide Food For The Comedians?

No, but it’s always appreciated.

Where Will Drawing Room Entertainment Comedians Travel?

We predominately service New York City and the tri-state area.

Do The Comedians Use Appropriate Language?

It’s totally up to you. If you have material and/or language restrictions, we coordinate with the comedians to make sure they are followed. We recommend not restricting the comics as they are professionals and can feel out a room based on how they are responding.

Do I Need A Big Apartment/Home?

No. One of the best features of Drawing Room Entertainment is its intimacy. Drawing Room Entertainment is perfect for any living space; we’ve done events in studio apartments, Classic Sevens and suburban homes.

How Long Is The Show and how many comedians?

The show runs 60 minutes with four comedians (this includes the MC, Michelle Slonim).  It’s possible to customize the show length to fit the evening.

Is The Show A Roast?

No, it is a stand-up comedy show. Since the setting is intimate there will most likely be an element of crowd work, but most of the show is comedians doing their act.

Is This Only For Dinner Parties?

No, it’s for any event in your home such as birthday parties, bridal parties & baby showers.

What Is The Dress code?

It’s totally up to you. If you have a dress code in mind, we coordinate with the comedians to make sure it is followed.

Who Are The Comedians?

The comedians are top tier New York City comics who play in all the major clubs.

Is Catering Or Photography Included?

We provide several party packages which can include catering, photography and live music.

Can I Choose The Comedians?

Drawing Room Entertainment will ask you questions about you and your party and will select the most appropriate comedians for your specific evening. While you can get involved in the details of the selection process; it is not recommended.


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